#25 Calligraphy

Due to my recent engagement, I spend the majority of my free time looking up wedding details and plans. During my research I have discovered that a lot of couples opt to have their invitations personally handwritten by a professional calligrapher. When I discovered this, my first reaction was… “pshhhh, I could easily do that” (despite the fact that I have horrible handwriting). So instead of assuming I was naturally awesome at calligraphy, I decided to find out for sure!

Having never tried anything remotely close to calligraphy before, I knew I was going to need some serious help. So I figured purchasing a kit with instructions and supplies was probably my best bet. After work on Wednesday I stopped by Michael’s Craft store and picked up a complete calligraphy kit for around $20. The kit included 2 pens with 4 interchangeable heads, a bunch of ink (including color), a pad of paper and an easy to follow instruction manual.

First I had to puncher the ink tube before inserting it into the pen. In a tutorial I found online they used a paper clip but I didn’t have one of those lying around so I decided to go with a nail. I have no clue how the person in that video was about to puncher the ink with a paper clip because my sharp nail was barely doing the trick! By the time I was able to push the nail through, I had a good amount of ink on my hands. I learned pretty quickly that calligraphy can get messy. Once the hole was made, I unscrewed the pen, inserted the ink and shook the pen in order to get the ink going.

The first font I attempted was called Round Hand Lower Case. These letters are based on those that were used in manuscripts written in England in the tenth century. The book gave me step-by-step (day by day hehe) instructions on how to complete each letter. Round Hand was by far the easiest font for me. It didn’t require that much detail and once I got use to having to hold the pen at a 30-degree angel, it kinda came naturally to me. The weird thing about calligraphy pens is that each font requires you to hold the pen at a specific angel. So its completely different from the way you would normally move a pen across paper when writing. I found that if I was holding the pen wrong or moved it in the wrong direction, it wouldn’t even work. It truly is an art form.

The second font I attempted was Lower Case Gothic. This font was much harder to produce than Round Hand. In Round Hand each letter was formed by 2-3 strokes. But in Gothic, the letters are so detailed that it took around 5-7 different strokes to make up one letter. This obviously didn’t feel natural to me and took a bit of practice before I got the hang of it. But by far the hardest font was Capital Gothic. The letters have SO much detail to them. It took me easily over three minutes to complete a 5-letter word in this font. However, it was definitely the coolest. And I am not going to lie…I was pretty impressed with myself. Even though I clearly need more practice I was fairly pleased with how my writing turned out! I may even do all our invitations! Nah, too lazy for that…

As always check out some pics below! (VIDEO COMING SOON!)


#24 Tie-Dying

Keeping up with a blog and being consistent is challenging. So not all my posts can be winners. Which brings to entry #24…tie-dying. A hobby that should have gone extinct in the late 70s. Well my friends, this week, I brought it back. On Monday morning I came into work and immediately went to the kitchen to grab my daily coffee. During the difficult process that is pouring a cup of coffee, I managed to spill the scalding hot liquid all over my hand and crispy white shirt. After failing to get the stains out with water and some gentle dabbing, I was faced with a choice. Easily save the shirt by gently bleaching it? Or completely ruin it beyond repair. I decided on the latter and two days later tie-dyed the heck outta that shirt.

I bought a kit for $3 from target. So if you’re looking for a cheap outdated hobby, this one’s for you baby. Before I got started, I lined our kitchen table with a trash bag and newspaper to avoid making a mess. I also had a couple glasses of wine to add some excitement to this activity (I recommend not skipping this crucial step). Once the table was ready, I grabbed my shirt, laid it down and pinched the location where I wanted the spiral to start at. I then twisted the entire shirt into a bun-like shape and secured it with rubber bans. After adding warm water to the bottles (which had dye powder already in them) I randomly squirted the shirt with the dye. I did this to both sides and then placed the shirt into a large Ziploc bag to sit overnight.

The next night, I cautiously took the shirt out of the bag using gloves and began rinsing it in the sink. Once the water ran clear, I removed the rubber bands, held my breath and opened the shirt. To my surprise it came out pretty good! I threw it in the wash by itself and then hung it up to dry over night. I may just have created my new favorite t-shirt! Nah jk, i’ll prob only wear it to bed but still this hobby turned out better than expected! As always, check out some pics and the short video below!

#23 Farmer’s Market

We cook A LOT in our apartment. And by we, I mean Jon. So on Sunday instead of going to the grocery store for our dinner like we normally would, we decided to try something different and headed to the farmers market for some produce and protein. Farmers markets are incredibly popular in LA. Before I moved to the west coast, I wasn’t very familiar with them because they weren’t as common where I grew up. But in California, almost every street has a Sunday morning farmers market that attracts hundreds of people. I have visited a few of them out of curiosity, but I’ve never bought groceries for a meal from one until now…

This past Sunday afternoon, Jon and I made our way to the Studio City Farmers Market located right down the road from us. Upon arrival we ran into a few paparazzi who I could have sworn were there for me. Turns out Elizabeth Banks was shopping at the market and I guess they found her more interesting than the Hobby Huntress. To each his own I guess. ANYWAY…this particular market hosts around 100 different vendors that sell everything from fresh produce, cheese and meat to handmade jewelry, flowers and soap. There is also a rock climbing wall, petting zoo and pony rides for the kids to enjoy. We’ve driven past this market multiple times but this was the first time we actually stopped to explore it. Not gonna lie, we were pretty impressed with the variety and quality of all the products we saw (which made it hard to decide on a menu). So we just walked up and down the street hoping for some inspiration. When we made it to the end of the market, we came across “Dey Dey’s Best Beef Ever”. And BOOM, just like that we got the inspiration we were looking for.

Dey Dey’s had a very impressive selection of meat, which is all organic and locally raised. I purchased two 100% grass fed sweet Italian sausages and continued on my search for produce to accompany them! I ended up grabbing some mushrooms, peppers, onions and garlic and figured we could make a pretty bomb meal with that. And again, by we…I mean Jon. I also came across some beautiful sunflowers that I couldn’t pass up. Later that night Jon cooked us some awesome sausage sandwiches which included the other ingredients we snagged, along with some goat cheese (which we had) and an over easy egg on the side. IT.WAS.DELICIOUS. Right then and there we decided we are going to start purchasing our produce for the week from the market vs. the store. Aside from everything tasting super fresh, we also liked the fact that our purchase helped support the local farmers and community. Overall, shopping at the farmers market was a success and I plan on making it a habit. Or should I say…hobby.

As always check out some pics and the short video below!

#22 Comedy Show

For hobby #22 I attended my very first comedy show! Since I have moved to LA, Jon has asked me numerous times to accompany him to one of the many comedy clubs in this wonderful city. And every single time I have declined. I have no clue why but I have always had this fear of being an audience member at a live comedy show. Especially when it’s held in a small intimate setting (which most of them are around here). I am afraid it will be awkward or I wont laugh or ill be called out during the show and embarrassed. To me these are all very valid, rational fears. However, Jon thinks I am completely crazy. So when he found out some of our favorite comedians would be performing at The Icehouse in Pasadena this Wednesday, he convinced me to go. And by convince I mean he bought the tickets and then told me we were going. I couldn’t get out of it. He knows me well.

We arrived at the venue about 45 minutes before the show started. The comedians who were going to perform were Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer, Ian Edwards, Tom Segura and Joe Rogan (Yes, Fear Factor & UFC Joe Rogan). We grabbed a drink at the bar and waited to be seated. The Icehouse looks like your average dive bar. Its small, located in an alley and smells of old beer and fried food. Everyone there was young and the dress code was super laid back. But despite the underwhelming atmosphere, this place has hosted some of the greatest comedians the world has ever known. Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Tim Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin just to name a few.

Around 10:15pm we were asked to line up to be seated and of COURSE they put Jon and I front and center. We were literally sitting as close as possible. This made me nervous so I ordered another beer. The first comedian up was Bert Kreischer. The moment Bert opened his mouth I started to relax. His act lasted about 15 minutes and by the end of it I was in tears. All the comedians were amazing, especially the wonderful Bill Burr who I have been a fan of for a few years now. But Tom Segura was hands down my absolute favorite. Aside from Tom, I was familiar with all the other comedians preforming that night so I had no clue what to expect from him. His style was a mix between Zach Galifianakis and Aziz Ansari…a beautiful marriage if you ask me. By the end of the night I was physically exhausted from laughing so hard. It also was 12:30am by the time we got out which didn’t help my fatigue. But overall it was an amazing experience. I laughed, it wasn’t awkward and no one called me out. SUCCESS!

After the show, people lined up outside for a chance to meet the guys and snap some pics. I stood there staring at the line for a good 3 minutes debating whether or not I could stay awake long enough to actually meet them. I almost fell asleep deciding and realized I had my answer. So unfortunately I didn’t stay for the meet and greet but that just gives me an excuse to go back for more shows! Also, we were not allowed to take any pictures or video during the performances so this entry does not have a video. But I did manage to take a photo of the stage before the show and some outside shots…so….enjoy that.



#21 Baseball Game

For hobby #18 I visited the batting cages. And if that experience taught me anything, it’s that I should probably leave all things baseball related to the pros. So for this week’s activity, we headed out to a Dodgers game to see how it’s really done.

Since moving to LA, I have only been to one other Dodgers game. However, I got there an hour late and only stayed for about 40 minutes. And during those 40 minutes all I managed to do was instagram a pic of the field, grab an over priced beer and ignore the game completely. Needless to say, I did a pretty horrible job at making it an enjoyable experience. So this time around I was determined to do it right!

This past Saturday the Dodgers played the San Diego Padres at Dodgers Stadium and Jon and I snagged some tickets. Upon arrival we each received a bobblehead that they handed out to the first 50,000 fans and then immediately made our way to the concessions. This is the part where we spent almost $40 on two Dodger Dogs and two beers. I discovered pretty quickly that baseball games are a fairly expensive hobby to have. With our classic ballpark grub in hand, we headed to our seats located behind left field.

For those of you who don’t know me well, my knowledge of baseball is non-existent. For example, at one point during the game I asked Jon if two players could be on the same base at the same time. He turned and looked at me as if he no longer knew who I was. So he spent the majority of the game as my personal commentator giving me play-by-plays (pun, hehe) on everything going on. This was awesome because it made me more interested in the game causing both of us to enjoy it more. When Jon wasn’t busy explaining the game to me, we spent our time sipping our beers, participating in the causal wave and laughing as the crowd harassed the Padres left fielder who was only a few yards away from us.

As the sun went down and we headed into the bottom of the 9th, the score was still 0 to 0. The bases were loaded and the Dodgers had two outs. The next dude up was our last hope. After two strikes this guy hit the ball just far enough away so the guy on third could run home and just like that the Dodgers won! Clearly you can tell by my horrible recap that I am still far from an expert on the game. But it was much more exciting in person, promise. We ended up having a great time and it was awesome to see the Dodgers walk away with a win! This will definitely not be my last baseball game. Once we got in the car I decided to check out our complimentary bobblehead. And lets just say I wasn’t disappointed…

As always check out some pics and the short video below!

#20 Favorite Hobbies List (so far…)

5 months ago, I created this blog and began my journey as the Hobby Huntress. With just an idea, no blogging experience, and very little expectations, I started my search for a passion waiting to happen. My goal was (and is) to explore one hobby a week and then blog about my experience. When I brought this idea to my now fiancé, he encouraged me to also include a video component to accompany each entry (which he edits) and just like that Hobby Huntress was born!

Since the launch of Hobby Huntress, the most frequent question I get asked is, “What have been your favorite hobbies so far?” So in honor of my 20th post (and reaching the 5 month mark) I have decided to reveal my top 3 favorite hobbies! #1 would obviously be getting engaged to Jon but unfortunately that is only going to happen once. So I choose the next best three…

3. Candle Making

For entry #14 I decided to try my hand at candle making. I absolutely love candles. They set the mood, are a great way to decorate a space and also smell wonderful. So when I was at the store picking up a new candle, I wondered how hard it would be to make one myself. The next day I did some research, picked out the supplies and that night I got to work. Making these candles was extremely therapeutic. The whole process of chipping the soft wax, watching it slowly melt, adding the fragrant essential oils, pouring the liquid into jars and then decorating them was incredibly relaxing. Just writing that out made me relax a little. The whole apartment was filled with coconut and vanilla scent just from making the candles alone. The best part about this hobby is that the options are endless. You can choose your own colors, scents and holders. It really allows you to express your own personal creativity and that’s why “Candle Making” has made my favorite hobbies list! (MY GOD, I sound like Martha Freakin’ Stewart, WHO AM I?!)


2. Paddle Boarding

My whole life I have lived by the water but for some odd reason I had never been paddle boarding before. So for hobby #3 I decided to change that. My girlfriends and I headed to Marina Del Rey for some paddle boarding in the marina. It was a picture perfect day and the water was calm and cool. My favorite thing about paddle boarding is how it’s both fun AND a workout…which make me automatically love it. What’s better than sun, water, friends, fresh air and sea lions! I think it’s pretty obvious why this activity has made my list and I look forward to doing it again! (maybe next time in the ocean).


 1. Aerial Yoga

Hands down my favorite hobby I have explored thus far has to be Aerial Yoga. I’ve always wanted to try it and when I got the opportunity I was beyond stoked! This was the most fun I have ever had in a workout class. Even though it was my first time, I felt like all the moves we did came very naturally to me. I didn’t want the class to end and found myself searching for personal aerial cloths that I could set up in my home! Unfortunately, I live in an apt and it would not be functional for the space we have, however, that’s truly a testament to how awesome I found this activity. I plan on looking for small studios in my area that provide similar classes.





#19 Getting Engaged

This is going to be short and sweet!

During the week, I spend my time researching different hobbies I should try for the upcoming weekend. And this week was no different. But for some reason, I was having a hard time finding one I wanted to tackle. So I decided to take a break from my search and hoped that by the time Saturday came I would have one in mind. Little did I know, my boyfriend already had plans of his own for us this past weekend…

On Friday night my amazing boyfriend Jon took me to my absolute favorite restaurant in LA. As we waited for our table, he walked me to a seclude area where we had an amazing view of the city below. He then told me some very beautiful things, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was completely caught of guard and had no clue it was coming! I said yes about a million times and the rest of the weekend we spent celebrating with family and friends. So I didn’t have much time to squeeze in a hobby, but I think we can all agree, this beats any hobby I was planning on doing!

As always check out some pics below!